About Yafei

“You can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you stay persistent and disciplined. I’ve worked with many artists locally and internationally and I’ve seen that those who focus on the reason behind their work, those are the one who usually manage to get through”.

A great artist is one who is able to blend into any genre, being ubiquitously comfortable and giving the best performances in whichever style they get into. One such artist is Dubai’s very own, Yafei, who has made his mark as a successful artist and music producer, and is continuing to grow. Yafei is the proud president and co-founder of the very music label, Doka Records which has affiliation to major international labels in North America and Europe. Doka Records operate from Downey in California and ever since its conception the name has gained popularity and has now expanded its scope by signing up artists from the Middle East.

Yafei’s popularity and talent has drawn enough attention from a lot of names in the music industry. He has worked with local artists like Army of One, D.K and many others. The outstanding music that he has made so far is the biggest reason he has pulled on so far and made it so big. His music has no boundaries. Yafei experiments with genres from the east and the west and blends them together. He mixes pop with folk, modern with country and does a lot more of unusual fusion of music cultures. His music is unique and defines his passion. The amazing quality of art and the colourful palette of tunes he has is exceptional. Yafei’s music is looked up to by many artists globally, which include the super producer Timbaland, UK’s RnB star Craig David and most recently his collaborations with Justin Timberlake have had a great deal of success. His work has shown people a new and fresh understanding of music in Dubai. He is confident and dynamic as a music artist and ambitious as an individual.

Yafei is also a very committed family man. He holds his family in as high regards as his music. Music rules his soul and his family is in his heart. He believes that music is about discipline and passion. The more success he earns, the harder he works to give the industry better music.



Here's what I've been busy with

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  • The Music Producers Guild
  • Doka Records
  • The Recording Industry Association of America® (RIAA)
  • Recording Artists Guild
  • MTV Europe